Gardens (BGCP) – Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) Meeting - Thursday 31 February 2019 - Public Service Association

Gardens (BGCP) – Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) Meeting – Thursday 31 February 2019

Gardens (BGCP) – Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) Meeting – Thursday 31 February 2019 – February 2019 (PDF version)

PSA delegates and staff met with Gardens management on the 31 January, for the first of our quarterly JCC meetings for 2019. The JCC is the peak consultative forum between the Gardens and your union (PSA) – to discuss workplace issues that affect you, your workplace and rights at work. The JCC is an important consultative mechanism enabling staff to participate and influence decisions that affect them in the workplace.

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Report

Do you have WHS issues in your work area? WHS report is a standing item on the Gardens JCC. This means WHS issues are given priority with issue reported to and discussed at the JCC. The 2019 WHS report shows positive trends in all 4 major WHS categories. The number of incidents without injury, with potential to cause injury was reduced. Total number of First Aid Care cases (any injury requiring first aid treatment) saw a decline, as was the number (4) of Medical Treatment Injury (injury requiring treatment by a qualified medical specialist) and the number of Loss Time Injury also dropped to 3 cases overall for the Sep – Dec 2018. Please contact your delegate or the PSA if you have any WHS issues in your work area.

CIPS Update

Are you affected? The Centre of Innovation in Plant Sciences (CIPS) steering groups has now been established and a 6-week design process is underway. Development Application process scheduled for May 2019, with building work to commence approximately by Oct-Nov 2019.The PSA requested inclusion in the CIPS user groups. BGCP have agreed to include a PSA rep on the CIPS user groups which will look at issues affecting staff. Please contact your delegate or the PSA if you would like to get involved.

The use of labour hire contractors

Can labour hire contractors manage staff? The simple answer is no, contractor’s cannot manage public servants and is a breach of the Award. PSA raised this at the JCC due to concerns from staff working on the digitalisation program. The PSA has written to the Gardens and has articulated our position on this matter at the JCC. The Gardens have confirmed the supervisory role will be filled by ongoing staff. In the interim, the manager will manage staff. Please contact your delegates or the PSA – if you have concerns you are being managed by a contractor or consultant in the workplace.

Your flex-leave for 35 hour staff

Have problems accessing your flex-leave? Staff working on the digitalisation program have raised serious concerns with the amount of additional work they are required to perform outside of their role. Limited resources and funding of the program, the amount of additional work and the strict timeframes to complete the project is a strain on both staff and management. The Gardens have assured the PSA, it will adhere to the flexible hours agreement and entitlements will be respected.

Review of the 9-day fortnight agreement for 38 hour staff

What are you willing to do to keep your entitlement? The status quo remains whilst related matters between the PSA and BGCP are heard in the NSW IRC. 38 hours staff currently access 2 RDO days per month (9-day fortnight).In the past, the Gardens management have expressed a desire to look at only 1 RDO per month for field staff. Is this condition important to you and how will such a change affect you and your family?

We Need You!

There are vacant delegate’s roles for The Blue Mountains BG and Centennial Parklands and vacancies for Horticultural and landscaper teams at Sydney BG.

Please contact your delegates or the PSA MSC: 1300 772 679 if you are interested.

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Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens Delegates:

  • Peter Anderson – Draftsman
  • Kathy Downs – Herbarium Curator
  • Dr Hannah McPherson – Biodiversity Genomics
  • Paul Nicholson – Site Coordinator Volunteers Program

The Australian Botanic Gardens Delegate:

  • Geoff Goodwin – Snr Horticulturalist/Arborist

PSA Staff:

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