Industrial Relations Commission update - Public Service Association

Industrial Relations Commission update

On Monday 19 September, with the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) the PSA secured a commitment from Department of Planning and Environment management to provide an up-to-date Change Management Plan for Corporate Services Phase 2.

This will include the rationale where they have made additional changes to the final Corporate Services Structures that were provided to staff on Monday 12 September at the Town Hall meeting.

  • Do you have any outstanding concerns about the updated Change Management Plan or structure?
  • Do you understand your role in the new structure?

Please contact your PSA Industrial Officer Michael Sinclair .

The PSA will present the Department with a number of key concerns raised by our members around the 27 refinements and more than 100 individual moves mentioned in the town hall meeting on 12 September.

The matter will remain open in the IRC for four weeks, with either party having liberty to apply to have the matter relisted.

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