NSW Police Radio 50/20 Dispute update - Public Service Association

NSW Police Radio 50/20 Dispute update

NSW Police Radio 50/20 dispute update – August 2017 (PDF version)

As members are aware, work bans were in place in Sydney and Penrith VKG Centres, ending last Monday after NSW Police sought and received an order from the Industrial Relations Commission. This was an opportunity to strongly protest the erosion of conditions and reduction in staffing coverage over a number of years. It was part of our ongoing dispute with management following its decision to overturn more than 20 years of custom and practice by reducing the breaks of hard-working staff in VKG.

All members who took part should be applauded for standing up for workplace rights and conditions – not just for themselves, but for all their colleagues as well.

The Chair (Bill Pinkstone) and Deputy Chair (Jodie Stubbs) of the PSA’s peak Police Departmental Committee and PSA officials recently met with the newly appointed Assistant Commissioner, Mr Kyle Stewart, who will have responsibility for staff in VKG. The Assistant Commissioner indicated he was willing to consider the points raised about the break changes, as well as opportunities for full-time appointments, the workloads of staff, and the lack of consultation about changes in work practices and conditions.

While this does not guarantee the Assistant Commissioner will agree to rectify all the complaints and problems, the PSA believes any planned further industrial disputes should be postponed until the Assistant Commissioner has had the time to review and respond. This does not mean the PSA will accept unreasonable delays or that that we have agreed to a moratorium on industrial disputes. We have reserved the right to lodge industrial disputes as and when required.

We will advise members as soon as there is an update on this.

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