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Office of the Sheriff Backflip – Organisational Uplift stalled

Members would have read with extreme disappointment yesterdays update from the Sheriff, which stated that the Business Case for the Organisational Uplift is undergoing “further refinement within DCJ with the intention to progress the Uplift proposal in the next budget cycle in May 2024”. Apparently, it was “not possible to include it in the 2023 budget cycle”.

While it was possible to increase remuneration for Senior Executives in 2022 without delay, apparently the “uplift” for other classifications is just too difficult.

While previous updates stated that the business case was “progressing to schedule”, that it was “with the Government”, and had been “submitted in February”, it is now announced that the business case is undergoing further refinement within DCJ.  To add insult to injury, the Sherriff can only say that there is an “intention” to progress it in the next budget cycle.

The announcement yesterday is unacceptable.  Your PSA delegates will be meeting this week to discuss further actions as a result of this announcement, and nothing is off the table, including potential Industrial Action.

The PSA is seeking an immediate meeting with the Sheriff, as well as continuing to seek a meeting with the Attorney General.  The announcement yesterday makes a mockery of consultation requirements. In addition, the PSA will explore all options available to progress the issue of appropriate classification and remuneration through the various Courts and Commissions available to us.

The PSA will update you with any resolutions from your delegates this week.

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