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PSA Update: Sheriff’s Officers Uplift

Following up on our previous bulletin, the PSA – your union – has held a meeting with representatives from both the Sheriff’s Office and DCJ Industrial Relations, as requested.

We are pleased to inform you that the meeting was constructive and positive. DCJ has successfully submitted the finalised proposal to Treasury. We look forward to receiving an outcome with the handing down of the 2024-25 budget in June.

The PSA remains committed to keeping you informed of any updates or announcements that may arise from the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff has committed to keep us promptly informed of any updates or announcements that may arise.

While we understand the eagerness for more information, we ask for your patience during this period. Now, we must wait for the official budget announcement, which we hope to be a positive announcement.

In the event of a favourable announcement in the budget:

  • Representatives from the Sheriff’s Office, DCJ, and PSA will convene to discuss the outcome.
  • The PSA will meet with members to seek their input.
  • The PSA will look to begin any award variation process as soon as possible.

It’s worth highlighting that this process can require some time and may not be finalised before the start of the upcoming financial year. Nevertheless, we are fully committed to ensuring that this process is done as efficiently as possible.

However, in the unfortunate event of an unfavourable budgetary decision, we will consult with you and fellow members to campaign for a reconsideration of the Government’s position.

Your continued patience and support are greatly appreciated.

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