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Police Digital Technology & Innovation restructure: PSA consultation

As you may be aware, DTI recently announced a restructure.

The Command claims a Change Management Plan is not necessary as they class the restructure as “minor” despite jobs being delisted, and major changes for staff.

The restructure has also been described as “Phase One” in several pieces of internal documentation, and it is the PSA’s view that this piece-meal approach is an attempt to thwart a good-faith consultation process with staff and their union.

The PSA has written to the Command asking for a full change management plan, listing the following issues:

  • This is considered “Phase One” of a larger restructure
  • It fails to give a true indication of the proposed structure as there are missing components in both the current and proposed structures
  • Excludes several roles, eg; the Performance Manager, roles which report to this manager, etc
  • Deletes two senior female employees from roles, yet two male roles remain unaffected; this is particularly egregious in the STEM field.
  • A short timeframe for redeployment of redundant staff; roles are notoriously hard to fill over the Christmas break.
  • Major concerns that we share with our members that public servant positions are being replaced by unskilled Uniformed Police Officers.

We eagerly await a response from the Command.

If one of your colleagues is not a member, please forward them this email and encourage them to join here: www.psa.asn.au/join

Your PSA staff

Glenn Duncan

Marko Petrovic


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