Reform dispute: Office of the Valuer General - Public Service Association

Reform dispute: Office of the Valuer General

The PSA and Valuer General of NSW (VGNSW) representatives were present before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) on Monday 10 October. This was part of the dispute and conciliation processes enacted from the proposed VGNSW reform.

Much of the discussion between the parties revolved around the lack of direct placements in the structure, as well as the transfer of VGNSW staff from the Departmental Officers Award to the Administration and Clerical Award. The PSA continued with arguments that this will pose difficulties in appointing significant groups of Departmental Officer staff into any proposed organisational structure.

Finally, VGNSW was forced to admit what had been the PSA’s concern all along – that the reform was a spill and fill, despite knowing that there is an absence of qualified and experienced valuers and contact staff in the marketplace and more jobs than staff in the proposed reform. And whilst there was commitment to help individuals who may not have a CPV for periods of between 18-24 months, there was not the same support flagged for other staff who under new role descriptions, may not measure up.

The PSA made commitments to the IRC and VGNSW that they would provide a list of those roles that the PSA maintains, should be subject to provisions of direct appointment. VGNSW also committed to further discussions on the placements of Departmental Officers (especially at the DO 11 and 12 Grade) on alternative placement options rather than external advertisement.

Whilst the NSW IRC did not provide any status quo orders or recommendations, the issues surrounding the transfer of staff away from the Departmental Officers Award remain live and outstanding.  There remains a significant incongruence in letting valuers do valuations but having them as Clerks instead of Departmental Officers.

Affected members that maintain their current and proposed role descriptions are sufficiently similar for the purposes of direct appointment should send an email through to the following:

Subject: OVG Call 190908

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