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Property NSW Union Activities Restructure Update

Property NSW Union Activities Restructure Update – July 2016 (PDF version)

This bulletin is to update members within the Department Finance & Services Innovation (DFSI) Property & Housing Group, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) and Public Works (Facilities Management) in relation to the “Property NSW” draft Restructure Management Plan (RMP).

Below are the key points to emerge from the most recent correspondence between the PSA and management on Thursday 8 July:

Management wrote:

“Paragraph 1.1 of the RMP indicates that Destination NSW will, as of 1 July, be responsible for significant state events, such as Vivid, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day. As a result roles that previously supported these events will no longer need to carry out that work. As discussed at the meeting, there are no roles which are wholly and only dedicated to the events being transferred to Destination NSW.  Whilst individuals will work on these events as part of their role, at the completion of these they will undertake other activities not related to those events.  As we committed to, we are willing to open a dialogue with Destination NSW to understand any additional resourcing requirements that they may need to service these events however Property NSW is unable to dictate to Destination NSW roles or functions they require to deliver events previously delivered by Property NSW.”

The PSA responded:

“Yes, thank you for indicating your willingness to open a dialogue with Destination NSW. The PSA would like this to be followed through with to maximise opportunities for existing employees to maintain employment in the public service. The PSA wished to be involved in those meetings and we look forward to hearing from you shortly as the implementation date is soon approaching.”

Management wrote:

“SHFA staff who are successful in being assigned to a role at Stage 1 or 2 with a DFSI classification that has a lower maximum salary than their current will have their remuneration ‘frozen’ until the DFSI A&C scale catches up. This is consistent with the Department’s practice across various agencies. We anticipate, based on current increase rates, that all rates would be in line within a two year period.”

The PSA responded:

“We remain opposed to this approach and now seek the opportunity for further discussion. Please advise.”

Management wrote:

“All in-scope roles will be dealt with in accordance with clause 9 of the RMP.

PSA is reminded that employees no longer own a role but are assigned to a grade/classification.”

The PSA responded:

“Where a role that is continuing in the new structure has been distinctly performed by a particular officer that officer should be directly appointed to that role without a recruitment process having to be undertaken. We object to clause 9 on principle. Please be advised that if circumstances arise in which a member is affected we will progress the matter accordingly.”

We are now awaiting management to respond to both of our requests to: (a) meet with Destination NSW management; and (b) meet to further discuss remuneration “freezing” for transferring employees to a lower classification.

If you would like to be involved in the consultation process, please directly, contact PSA Industrial Advocates, Matthew Drake-Brockman mdrake- and Nick Player

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