PSA and your delegates meet with SMU Management - Public Service Association

PSA and your delegates meet with SMU Management

Last week, your delegates and PSA representatives met with SMU management for the quarterly Joint Consultative Committee, to discuss current issues within the SMU.

  • We are pleased to see that having Special Constable training recognised as a Cert IV has moved forward, with management advising that the process will begin in the first quarter of 2023. Whilst the process will be voluntary for all staff, we encourage all staff to undertake the process.
  • Awards that can be displayed by Special Constables for recognised service has also moved forward – it is up to the final design stage and your delegate, Vince Carnevale, will be consulting with your management on the final design.
  • The insignia change has been approved by the DCOP. Whilst this is a good step forward, we were advised some changes were made from the initial submission. Your management was hesitant to discuss what changes were made, and have requested a working party moving forward between your management, your delegates and your union.
  • SOPs for Homebush are coming out of draft this week, with Auburn being the first response PAC.
  • The team 5 Roster is being formalised.
  • Late stage roster changes should only be occurring via email. For those working at Parliament, the field officer will be cc’d into any roster changes as it has been recognised that Special Constables working at Parliament do not have regular email access.
  • We raised the reduction of staff at Potts Hill due to a reassessment of the threat level. We requested that the SOPs are updated to reflect the staffing changes and were advised these changes would be looked at.

Your PSA Representatives are:

Glenn Duncan (Acting Industrial Officer)

Marko Petrovic (Organiser)

Your delegates are:

Vince Carnevale

Catherine Figg

Tony Saraceno

Simon Gilbert

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