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PSA calls stop work meetings for Special Constables

Stop work - Oct 2019 (PDF version)

For nearly 18 months, the PSA and your delegates group have worked hard to convince NSW Police to produce a Role Description for NSW Police Special Constables which recognises the true level of responsibility of the job. We viewed this as an important first step to achieve wage justice for our members.

We have notified an industrial dispute to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC), but Police have refused to conciliate. On 13 August 2019, the PSA threatened industrial action which was subsequently suspended to allow further discussions with Government. As a result, we received significant media coverage and public support. But neither a meeting with the Minister of Police, nor discussions with NSW Police have resulted in any progress toward resolving the dispute.

Your union is not prepared to accept further stonewalling by Police and Government. We demand Special Constables receive the recognition and pay they deserve.

PSA endorses stop work meetings

The PSA directs all members to attend on-site stop work meetings between 11am and 12noon on Thursday, 24 October 2019 to discuss the next steps in our campaign for recognition and fair pay for Special Constables.

You are protected when attending the stop work meetings.

Members are advised that these meetings have been approved by the General Secretary of the Public Service Association.

Not a PSA member? Join the PSA today and protect your rights at work!

Make sure your colleagues are protected, too.

Only union members are protected when taking industrial action or following work bans. Speak to your colleagues about joining the union today to make sure they are protected. New members can participate once they have joined online HERE or printed off and returned a membership form available HERE.

The PSA will have no hesitation enforcing your collective rights in the IRC.

If you are being harassed or pressured for attending these stop work meetings, please immediately contact:

Your PSA industrial staff

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer
0408 400146

Roland Harris Organiser
0438 402503

Your Special Constables Advisory Group delegates:

  • Dannie Abel
  • Tony Saraceno
  • Sheraz Ghalie
  • Vince Carnevale
  • Alex Muirhead

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