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PSA Presses Police on Work from Home and Other COVID-19 Issues

PSA Presses Police on Work from Home and Other COVID-19 Issues

Representatives of the PSA today held a telephone conference with staff from NSW Police Workforce Relations.

The PSA raised a number of issues regarding Police management’s response at the first of our weekly meetings on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roll-out of work from home in Police

The PSA pressed Police to make all reasonable efforts to allow the greatest number of staff possible to work from home. We asked Police to identify at a Region level classifications of staff who could work from home in order to streamline the approval process. We also asked Police to provide regularly updated figures of the number of staff working from home.

Police responded that there are already a considerable number of staff working from home. Applications are considered on a case by case basis. Where staff are members of vulnerable groups or are caring for people in vulnerable groups they can receive special consideration for working from home. At this stage the PSA believes greater efforts need to be made to get as more staff working from home.

Parking at Parramatta and SPC

We asked Police to look at providing free parking near PHQ and SPC for staff who cannot work from home. They agree to look at it and come back at our next meeting.

Does the Premier’s announcement count as school closure for the purposes of Pandemic Leave?

At this stage, following advice from central government, the answer is no.

IT issues

Police is taking steps to purchase additional Citrix licences to allow work from home. This will allow staff to connect from home from their own computers without the need for a police laptop.

Reducing non-essential counter services (e.g. bail reporting)

We asked Police to review the provision of counter services including bail reporting at Police stations and to take steps to reduce non-essential traffic. Police agreed to look at this issue.

Shortages of Hand Sanitiser in DTI

Staff in DTI report hand sanitiser has run out. Police agreed to look at this issue.

The PSA looks forward to continuing to cooperate with NSW Police on responding to the public health emergency.

Police has agreed to hold weekly meetings between the PSA and representatives of Corporate HR to brief the PSA and discuss concerns raised by members.

Members with concerns regarding safety, rosters, working from home, or any other issues are encouraged to contact their delegates or the PSA Member Support Centre.

Your PSA staff are:

Andrew Wright – Industrial Officer

Roland Harris – A/Industrial Officer

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