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PSA Sheriff’s Officer update

On the 8 June 2023 your elected members of the Sheriff Officer’s Vocational Branch Advisory Group (SOVBAG) met with the Office of the Sheriff of NSW (NSWSHO) to discuss a whole host of important issues affecting members.

The issue we are hearing most from members relates to the proposed “Uplift” program. Members would have received an update from Deputy Sheriff Gordon in relation to this matter. At the moment this program can best be described as being in a holding pattern. While the business case has been completed, there is still uncertainty surrounding the state budget and the new Government’s priorities. While we can understand some of the frustrations members are experiencing with this ongoing process, the PSA remains committed to working with the NSWSHO in achieving the outcome of appropriate remuneration for the work you perform.

It is anticipated that in the future further conversations will take place surrounding how this process could be facilitated industrially. It should be noted that as of right now, the wages regulation (2.5 per cent wages cap) remains in place. While the new government has committed to abolishing this and has announced a taskforce to work on building a new industrial relations framework, we are currently still operating under the same system. The PSA has been active in the media calling for the wages cap to be removed as a matter of priority.

Body worn cameras

The introduction of body worn cameras for Sheriff’s Officers is on hold until it is passed through Parliament. The new government is still working through its legislative agenda, with election commitments and critical items being given priority. As a result, the necessary changes to legislation needed for body worn cameras to be allowed in court rooms is in a legislative backlog.

Flexible Working Hours Policy

A short while ago, the PSA raised concerns on behalf of Sheriff’s Officers working in the Sheriff’s Operations Centre (SOC) and their overtime rates. The main issue at hand was that due to an outdated flexible working hours agreement these members are on a 38-hour week, which for the most part works well for their standard hours. However, as their hourly salary is reduced due to working 38 rather than 35 hours, if they ever pick up any overtime shifts as a Sheriff’s Officer they are disadvantaged in that their hourly rate is lower.

At the most recent meeting with the NSWSHO it was indicated that a review of flexible working hours agreements was taking place across the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) with the view of updating this agreement as it is now out of date. The PSA will look to progress this hourly rate matter in the meantime with DCJ.

200 years of the Supreme Court and NSWSHO

As members may be aware, next year marks 200 years of the NSWSHO in NSW. The PSA was interested in knowing if there were any plans in place for next year to celebrate this milestone. The employer indicated that there are budgetary constraints but is open to ideas, particularly if they are low- or no-cost. The PSA welcomes any feedback from members on ways that this historic milestone can be celebrated.

State-wide members’ meeting

In order to discuss the above items as well as a number of other important issues, the PSA has organised to hold a state-wide members’ meeting. Details are as follows:

Date Wednesday, 12 July 2023
Time 7:15am-8:15am

To join, click here.

Non-members are welcome to join the meeting to hear what the PSA is doing to improve and maintain your working conditions.


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