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Reconstruction Authority NSW – Award Based Employees Reform – Matching Processes

The Reconstruction Authority NSW (RANSW) announced the reform of the Award based structures within the agency on 23 November 2023.

Whilst the PSA is content that there are no job losses from the extensive reform, it is inevitable that there will be changes to roles, reporting lines and functions for individual staff. For some, changes will be minor whilst others will have a much greater effect.

The processes of matching and assignment to roles are administered in accordance with the Agency Change Management Guidelines.

The guidelines state:

All efforts must be made to place these employees in positions in the new structure using appropriate placement procedures.

As a general principle, affected employees and the agency’s existing excess employees must be considered for appointment to positions in the new structure before any other employees or external applicants.

The salary matching and priority assessment principles described in the Case Management and Redeployment Guidelines are to be used to guide the placement of affected employees into positions within the new structure.

Some members in RANSW have expressed concern with the agency’s processes of ‘matching to roles’ as they may have:

  1. expressed interest in other roles which they might have the necessary skills and capabilities to administer or
  2. questioned their fit for the role that they have been matched to.

The PSA encourages staff to discuss the matched roles with their respective Directors in the first instance to gain a better understanding of their ‘fit’.

Members with continuing concerns should seek the assistance of the PSA and workplace delegates. Or contact the PSA Member Support Centre quoting CN: 214038 on 1300 772 679 or at

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