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SafeWork NSW Inspectors – PSA members’ update

SafeWork NSW update – July 2019 (PDF version)


We are pleased to announce the following delegates have been elected to the PSA SafeWork NSW Inspectors – Vocational Advisory Group (VG), they are:


President – Toni McKay
Vice President – Brian Hughes


Trevor Savage
Megan May
Mara Ochoa
Kathy Maltby

The PSA would like to thank all candidates for their participation. The PSA Industrial Staff are looking forward to working with the new VG on the number of challenges that are facing the Inspectorate.

A meeting with the new VG at the PSA will be held on 16 July 2019. Following this, arrangements will be made for the SWI AGM to occur.

The PSA would also like to thank all Delegates from the outgoing VG and in particular the former President, Maree Davidson for their hard and diligent work on member’s behalf.

Competencies Dispute, Award Review and possible variation

The PSA has received on 19 June 2019, as per the directions of the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC), a copy of a marked-up Award as to where there is agreement about the s.19 review.

The PSA does not have any issue as to reviewing the Award to make changes to reflect for example, that it is now going to be the Department of Customer Service – not DFSI.

Please note that the PSA has not changed its position in regard to the proposed review. We will work to protect your conditions and make sure you are kept informed and properly consulted on any proposed changes.

In an email recently communicated by the Executive Directors the Department has highlighted areas which are well outside of the scope of an s.19, review, these being:

  • Sick Leave – Mutual Leave Fund
  • After Hours Response Service
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Classification Structure
  • Competency Assessment
  • Entry Level Inspector
  • Progression to Assistant State or State Inspector

There are a large number of areas the Department wants to look at and areas that the PSA would also like to see improved – for example, more transparent and clearer processes for progression from Entry Level Inspector to Senior Inspector and above. However, the PSA is also very aware that this will be a lengthy negotiation progress with a clear view to protecting your conditions of employment.

In respect of the s.130 dispute, the Department has been unable to comply with the IRC direction of 2 May 2019, which was to provide a communication outlining how it was not in breach of the current Award in respect of clause 16 and the appointment of Inspectors to Senior and above who do not have the relevant competencies. The Department has given an undertaking to provide that information to the PSA by 26 June.

The next report back to the IRC on this matter will be on 24 July 2019.

P-Cards and Travelling Allowances – Dispute

The PSA is very aware of the current issue facing Inspectors with the introduction of the P-Card and the Departments position that it is moving from ‘Allowances’ to ‘Actuals’ and that this is in breach of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009.

This is not specific to the SafeWork NSW Inspectors Award but to all staff in the DCS Cluster and beyond who are covered by the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2019.

The PSA has written to the Department raising this as a dispute and will seek the assistance of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission if required to ensure that members receive their entitlements.

For a copy of the letter please click HERE.

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