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Service NSW Centres not paying overtime

Unpaid Overtime - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

We are currently investigating unpaid overtime within Service NSW (SNSW). This includes cases where people are being held back serving customers and are not paid overtime after their shift ends, as well as cases of members being ‘informally’ requested to be at work prior to their start time (such as setting up computer stations).

You are entitled to be paid for any extra time past your rostered shift. This includes time needed BEFORE you start serving customers (such as logging in to systems and computers) as well as any occasion you are required to stay back to finish serving customers, or performing other tasks. 

Remember, the Government has effectively frozen your pay despite all your vital work this year, and announced it wants to pay you less next year, so don’t give it any extra time for free.

SNSW has clarified that the business rule for contact centres is that staff are to be paid 15 minutes overtime after working an extra eight minutes past your rostered time. It has not yet clarified what it is for everyone else. This does not follow the “one way, same way” business model.

The PSA also wants to know if you are ever discouraged, or even prevented, from taking your 10-minute break.

Please fill out the following survey found here, and please ask your colleagues to do the same.

This survey is being run by the PSA to gather information in regards to unpaid overtime. All of the information gathered will be kept in strict confidence. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the organiser – Melissa Ciraolo .

While we are investigating this issue, the PSA suggests you take note of any overtime you do. This includes what time you start setting up (compared to your actual start time), any overtime you do at the end of your shift, and if you receive your 10-minute break or not. The PSA will take action to secure payment for any member who is working unpaid hours.

If you are a non-member who is interested in getting involved in the union, please contact your local delegate to join up, or go to

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