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Special Constables bulletin

Special Constables bulletin – March 2018 (PDF version)

Special Constables Advisory Group delegates, along with PSA Industrial Staff, have been progressing a number of long-standing issues with NSW Police and would like to update members on these topics:

Award bargaining

As outlined in a bulletin from late December, available HERE, the PSA has reached agreement with NSW Police to convert Special Constables’ leave conditions over to those of Administrative Staff. This will include an increase in sick leave entitlements from 10 days to 15 days per year and a new entitlement to Family and Community Services (FACS) leave.

There has been a frustrating delay in getting this implemented due to disagreements about the way members are transitioned across and the starting balances for these entitlements. An initial proposal from NSW Police was deemed highly inadequate by delegates and is still being negotiated. A meeting between the PSA and NSW Police next week will hopefully see a more reasonable and realistic offer put. The PSA will update members once there is further information.

Whilst this process is understandably frustrating for members who have waited years for any progress, it does take time to get things right and it is important details are not left out in order to simply get things completed.

Grading of positions

The PSA continues to be concerned about the roll-out of the Capability Framework and the conversion from Position Descriptions to Role Descriptions. There is strong concern that the value of the Special Constables roles are not being properly assessed and documented.

The PSA has been advised that the OCI Command has now taken carriage of this task from SMU and will have the Role Descriptions completed in the coming weeks. Once completed, the PSA will liaise and consult with delegates and members to assess the implications for Special Constables duties, gradings, and salaries.

Workers’ compensation

The PSA’s General Secretary has written to both the NSW Police Minister and Shadow Police Minister expressing concerns about Special Constables not being exempted from this Government’s cuts to Workers Compensation entitlements. The letters request that Special Constables be included in the list of exempt workers. A copy of the letter is available HERE and the PSA will update once a response has been received.

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