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NSW Police – Re-engineering update

NSW Police – Re-engineering update – March 2018 (PDF version)

The first phase of both regional and metropolitan LAC amalgamations is complete, with all staff now placed into ongoing roles in Police Districts or Area Commands respectively.

The Placement Strategy and other measures negotiated by the PSA ensured that affected members were placed into ongoing roles, either within their Command or at an appropriate Grade elsewhere.

PSA submissions about workload and job losses in regional amalgamations resulted in the retention of Clerk Grade 5/6 roles in those areas.

The LAC amalgamations re-engineering process is moving into a phase of consolidation and logistical change now that staff movements have been finalised.

The PSA has received some feedback about accommodation issues in amalgamated Commands where staff have been moved without adequate office space or facilities at the new site. Please advise if you have any concerns in your area.

Amalgamated LACs are going through a process of standardising rosters for GASOs. Members have the right to be consulted on these changes. Furthermore, any change to the roster must be voted on and receive support from more than 2/3 of affected staff under Section 11 Part 1 of the Flexible Rostering – Administrative Officers and Ministerial Employees.

The PSA has ongoing concerns about workload issues in LACs, particularly in amalgamated Commands in metropolitan areas that have seen both a Local Area Manager and an Executive Officer position cut. GASOs are often finding themselves picking up the slack by doing work beyond their grade when they perform the ‘Executive Officer Assist’ function. The PSA would like to hear from members who have concerns about being required to complete work beyond their grade.

The PSA and NSW Police are meeting on a fortnightly basis to monitor the ongoing effects of re-engineering and the PSA invites your feedback to ensure the best outcome for members.

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