Sydney Living Museums/State Archives and Records Authority – PSA update - Public Service Association

Sydney Living Museums/State Archives and Records Authority – PSA update

Sydney Living MuseumsState Archives and Records Authority – PSA update – July 2019 (PDF version)

PSA industrial staff Kerrie Butson (Senior Industrial Officer), Ian Little (Organiser SARA) and Davis Murphy (Organiser SLM) recently met with Adam Lindsay, Executive Director SLM and SARA to discuss changes in SLM/SARA under Machinery of Government (MoG) changes.

The immediate impact for both agencies is the decision that there will be one Executive Director.

The meeting centred around the MoG changes and the best way to ensure that communication and consultation for all took place.

As always, the PSA seeks proper and adequate consultation to safeguard members’ conditions at work. The PSA was encouraged that Mr Lindsay agreed to start a formal consultation process.

It was agreed that quarterly joint consultative committee (JCC) meetings would be established and continue. Meetings will rotate between sites to enable optimum participation from PSA delegates. This would ensure meetings would be held at SARA Kingswood and Macquarie Street.

So that the consultative process can commence as soon as possible, the PSA is calling for nominations from members from both SLM and SARA. The formal consultative process which, when established, should consist of representatives from the workplace who are members of the PSA.

It would be appropriate if there was one Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) representative nominated from both agencies. Those representatives would attend the meeting with the PSA Senior Industrial Officer.

A draft Terms of Reference for the JCC would be discussed at the first meeting. Both agencies have had JCCs, but we now need to recommence the process.

If you are interested in nominating for the role of PSA JCC representative, please send your nomination to Ian Little at ">. Nominations should be sent to Ian by Friday
19 July 2019.

Members are reminded that even with the best intentions, practice in certain areas may not be optimal. If members are concerned with ANY aspect of workplace practice they should contact their union immediately. Member Support Centre – Email: ">, Ph: 1300 772 679.

2.5 per cent pay increase

Members will be pleased to note that the PSA was successful in recent Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) action and staff will receive the full 2.5 per cent pay rise with effect from the first FULL pay period in July 2019.

Member should remember that pay rises are not automatic – the PSA is required to collect evidence and mount a case and present it in the IRC. In effect, it is PSA members who are responsible for each and every pay rise that ALL staff receive.

Members should speak to their colleagues about joining their union.

The PSA – STRONGER TOGETHER. Join the PSA online:

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