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Treasury – PSA update

Treasury update – July 2019 (PDF version)

Members will be pleased to note the PSA was successful in recent Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) action and staff will receive the full 2.5 per cent pay rise with effect from the first FULL pay period in July. Pay rises aren’t automatic – management and the Government do not just hand it over each year. The PSA is required to collect evidence and mount a case and present it in the IRC. In effect, it is PSA members who are responsible for each and every pay rise which ALL staff receive. Members should speak to their colleagues about joining their union.

Beyond that, PSA Industrial staff and delegates met with new HR Executives Jo Blackwell and Jennifer Schembri last Wednesday 26 June to discuss changes in Treasury under Machinery of Government (MoG).

As always, the PSA seeks proper and adequate consultation to safeguard members’ conditions at work. Members are always concerned with their provisions for flexible working hours and the PSA was advised that at this stage staff transferring in from other agencies would remain on their current agreements. Current SAP/GovConnect provisions will remain in place and at this time it is largely business as usual. It was agreed that the magnitude of change at Treasury would not warrant regular MoG meetings but that Change Management Plans would involve consultation with the PSA.

It was further agreed to reinstitute quarterly joint consultative committee (JCC) meetings on an ongoing basis and to that end your Union is liaising with Ms Schembri.

In general, the PSA feels that a consultative and collaborative approach is being fostered between management and the union.

Members are reminded, however, that even with the best intentions, practice in certain areas may not be optimal. If members are concerned with ANY aspect of workplace practice they should contact their Union immediately. Please be aware that members cannot simply be offered a VR without consultation having occurred. Concerns around workloads for remaining staff and whether redundancies are genuine or not will remain on our radar.

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