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UrbanGrowth NSW member bulletin

UrbanGrowth NSW member bulletin – June 2017 (PDF version)

As previously notified, the PSA met with HR representatives from both UrbanGrowth NSW and Premier and Cabinet on Tuesday 30 May. The meeting was to ensure adequate consultation would occur on the separation of UrbanGrowth NSW.

The largely productive meeting discussed the following matters:

  • UrbanGrowth NSW confirmed it is not its intention to “change the workforce” throughout the separation. As a result it is not expecting any situation where jobs would be “spilled” and people required to re-apply for their jobs. The PSA made it clear that whilst that statement is positive, if a situation does come about where jobs are either advertised or “re shaped”, the PSA would be seeking that existing staff will need to be matched and directly appointed to these roles.
  • As it is not expecting any change in the workforce, HR confirmed it would be unlikely VRs would be offered. However, this could not be confirmed that at this stage.
  • It was confirmed any staff not moving over to Urban Growth Development Corporation will stay under the same conditions Award, that being the Landcom Award 2015. HR is not yet in a position to say what conditions of employment or industrial instrument would apply to UGDC. However, the PSA will need to be a party to those discussions, and will fight to ensure all current conditions are protected. The PSA has been successful in previous negotiations to protect conditions of employment when members transfer to new agencies.
  • There has been no decision in regards to location of the Parramatta-based Landcom employees.
  • Regarding the structure of the workforce, HR maintained nothing had been decided as yet. The steering committee was meeting weekly to discuss these issues.
  • The current timetable which states that the separation would be complete by 30 June 2017. The PSA expressed doubt at the ability for this timeframe to be achieved, particularly in light of the many issues still to be worked out. HR confirmed the date of 30 June was a “target” and admitted it is aspirational.
  • On issues for contract-based staff, HR confirmed there is absolutely no plan for staff on contracts to be “axed” on 30 June 2017. Whilst HR confirmed no workforce change is planned, the PSA seeks that all notice periods or conditions regarding the renewal or non-renewal of contracts will be honoured.
  • The PSA raised its concerns around the consultation that has occurred thus far and re-iterated the requirement for HR to adequately consult with the PSA around these proposals. HR has committed to fortnightly consultation meetings, with the next meeting set for 13 June. If at any time we do not believe that adequate consultation is occurring, the PSA is able to lodge a dispute under the current Award.

In order for members to have their say on the restructure as it moves forward, the PSA will be holding a members’ meeting on Friday 23 June. This will include video-conference facilities. Details are currently being organised and will be confirmed ASAP. In the meantime, if members would like further questions to be raised, or have any further concerns relating to the split, please contact Industrial Manager Nathan Bradshaw via email at . Non-members are welcome to join the PSA at www.psa.asn.au so that they are able to have a say on the proposed structure.

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