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Warners Bay Service Centre – Service Delivery Pilot, PSA Members Update

The PSA is aware that SNSW management have started discussions with staff at Warners Bay SC in relation to the proposed Service Delivery Pilot and that this has caused some concerns.

A high-level overview of the Service Transformation Project was provided to the PSA at the SNSW Joint Consultative Committee on 31 August 2022 but as yet we have not had a meeting as to the detail which has recently been provided to you.

We were given assurances that at this time it is a pilot only, that it should be completely voluntary and that in no way will it impact your ongoing employment or your job security.

That said, we also understand that there are a lot of legitimate questions and concerns that members will have and that clear and open consultation will be key to making any pilot successful and addressing those concerns so that you are not left feeling anxious about the pilot.

SNSW Employee Relations has approached the PSA to arrange for a more detailed overview of the proposed pilot and following that meeting we will follow up directly with you to properly begin the consultation process, we expect that meeting to happen within the next week.

Rest assured, that if there are any concerns that this will affect our members employment in any detrimental way that the PSA will seek the assistance of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission by way of a dispute.

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