An update on Office of Sport PSA member meetings - Public Service Association

An update on Office of Sport PSA member meetings

Understanding your conditions of employment

PSA Newcastle Regional Organiser Ian Braithwaite will be attending all Office of Sport Sites during November and December to discuss the awards that apply to staff. There are many discrepancies and misinterpretations across different locations that have led to members requesting PSA assistance to get a clear understanding of their entitlements and conditions of employment and to have them applied consistently across all locations.

The PSA and Office of Sport are working together to resolve members’ concerns.

Please read the relevant award that applies to you prior to the PSA visit so that you can raise any concerns or misunderstandings that you might have with your conditions of employment.

The relevant awards are as follows:

Those not covered by these awards such as Penrith Whitewater Stadium and Sydney International Regatta Centre are covered by the Crown Employees Conditions of Employment Award.

Once all visits have been completed, data will be correlated and the PSA and Office of Sport will discuss the clauses in the Awards that are causing concern. The initial stage will attempt to reach agreement of the interpretation of the clause and then, if any clauses cannot be agreed to, we will seek further assistance from the appropriate source.

This is your opportunity to rectify any misunderstanding or incorrect application of your conditions of employment to get a consistent application of the relevant award across all centres under the Office of Sport.

Non-members are welcome to attend and pick up membership information on the day of the meeting.

I look forward to meeting up with you all in the coming weeks.

Meeting dates


Monday 13 November
Sydney International Regatta Centre & Penrith Whitewater Stadium

  • Meeting 1
    12:00pm Sydney International Regatta Centre Seminar Room
  • Meeting 2
    1:30pm Penrith Whitewater Stadium Meeting Room

Tuesday 14 November
Sydney Academy of Sport

  • Meeting 1
    12:30pm Program and Maintenance Lecture Room 5
  • Meeting 2
    1:30pm Catering Lecture Room 5

Thursday 16 November
Equestrian Centre & Sydney International Shooting Centre

  • Meeting 1
    Equestrian Centre Conference Room inside the Indoor Arena
  • Meeting 2
    3:30pm Sydney International Shooting Centre First Aid Room

Monday 20 November
Brocken Bay and Milson Island Sport & Recreation Centre’s

  • Meeting 1
    9:00am Milson Island Conference Room
  • Meeting 2
    12:00pm Broken Bay Break Room

Southern Sites

Tuesday 21 November
Berry Sport & Recreation Centre

  • 12:30pm Pool Conference Room

Wednesday 22 November
Jindabyne Sport & Recreation Centre

  • 4:30pm Conference Room

Thursday 23 November
Borambola Sport & Recreation Centre

  • 1:15pm Office Meeting Room

Northern Sites

Monday 27 November
Lake Burrendong Sport & Recreation Centre

  • 1:30pm Program Office

Tuesday 28 November 
Lake Keepit Sport & Recreation Centre

  • 10:30am Kamiloroi Room

Thursday 30 November
Lake Ainsworth Sport & Recreation Centre

  • 4:30pm  Conference Room above Boat Shed

Central Coast

Monday 4 December
Point Wolstoncroft Sport & Recreation Centre

  • 12:30pm – Conference Room

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