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PSA member update: New centre and new roles at the Office of Sport

New roles

PSA members may have recently seen some new classifications appear as new roles advertised on iWork for NSW including Community Activity Officer and Trainee – Program Activity Officer. The PSA has requested information concerning the scope and purpose and role descriptions to ensure they do not overlap, replace or water down existing roles.

We have also recommended that the Office of Sport provide information to staff about the nature of these positions so the part they play is well understood. The PSA will review the material and provide feedback on any concerns. Each role will be covered by an Award and management will be held to account to ensure they are kept within scope and paid correctly.

Minister for Sport announces new site for Lake Macquarie Sport and Recreation Centre

The new Minister for Sport, Stuart Ayres, recently announced a new site at Morisset for a Lake Macquarie Sport and Recreation Centre. This replaces the former Sport and Recreation Centre at Myuna Bay.

The announcement came as a surprise, since current planning has focused on a site at Eraring. The PSA immediately wrote to the CEO of Office of Sport expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of communication from the Office of Sport, expecting a heads up before any such announcements. It became clear the Office of Sport was also not advised prior to the announcement.

Impacted members can be assured that Origin Energy’s commitment to fund the rebuild remains in place, as do the commitments made to former staff of the Myuna Centre, who will be afforded opportunity to return to their roles once the new centre is constructed (albeit some years away yet). Planning and feasibility studies have not been completed.

The PSA has the “new centre plans” as a standing agenda item, requiring updates on progress at all Joint Consultative Committee meetings. The Association is assured that once solid plans for design and construction of a new centre are in place, PSA representation and consultation will be engaged concerning the “fit for purpose” rebuilding of the new Sport and Recreation Centre at Morisset.

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