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Office of Sport: The PSA welcomes you back to work in 2021

Welcome - Jan 2021 (PDF version)

Although we are optimistic that this year is less chaotic than the previous year, it is inevitable that we face uncertainty for some time. It is more important than ever to engage with your union. This could be attending or arranging a workplace meeting (in person or online), chatting with a colleague about the PSA or keeping in touch with your delegate or PSA Organiser about any changes in the workplace.

If you would like to arrange a visit or meeting in your workplace you can contact your PSA Organiser, Simone Scalmer directly at .

If you have any other concerns or issues you can also get in touch with our Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or by email .

New year, new staff, new members – join the PSA today

If you know someone who is not a member, or have any new starters in your workplace, you can assist the work of the PSA and delegates to get better outcomes for everyone just by asking your colleagues to JOIN at

Joint Consultative Committee update

On Tuesday 8 December 2020 PSA representatives met with the Office of Sport (OoS) management for our quarterly joint consultative committee meeting.

The PSA sought updates from management on the following areas of concern to members:

Return to office

The PSA was advised that staff based in Head Office were updated the day before regarding plans to return to working in the office. This would begin with a gradual reintroduction from 14 December, aiming at 50 per cent capacity in the building. Logistics will be managed at a team level.

We were also advised that a Flexible Work policy is being drafted and will be open for consultation in due course. As this is an ever changing space, dependant on the latest advice from NSW Health and any relevant public health orders, please get in touch with the PSA if you have any questions or concerns about plans for staff to return to the office.


The PSA requested further information regarding Health and Safety representatives (HSRs) across the organisation. We advised that the aim is to ensure each centre and office has adequate representation with trained HSRs.

The OoS also advised that COVID-19 safety measures remain in place and there are no changes to the process for managing higher risk activities in centres, in compliance with physical distancing rules.


Information was provided to the PSA regarding the recruitment process for Manager Delivery and Outreach roles and the one role that remains unfilled. We were also advised about unfilled roles in the Central Reservations team.

The PSA has requested a copy of a current Organisation Chart illustrating all current vacancies across the Department.

Ongoing consultations

Uniform Policy progress report

The PSA was informed an advisory group is currently consolidating the feedback regarding the draft Uniform Policy and acquiring new uniform samples. The Reconciliation Action Plan had been referred to with the possibility of incorporating Indigenous designs into the uniform.

Myuna Bay site progress report

Consultation remains open concerning plans for the new site. A meeting with the Local Resident Group was scheduled to occur after our JCC meeting. At this stage, discussions concern the planning of facilities at the site. The PSA raised concerns about rumours that the former site may be used by another group, which we consider unacceptable. The OoS confirmed this is not the case and that the former site will be demolished and cannot be used by the community for safety reasons.

SCGT and Venues NSW Award discussions

By statute, the former Sydney Cricket Ground Trust and OoS Venues NSW have been reconstituted to a new entity called Venues NSW from 1 December 2020. The PSA has attended a number of briefings concerning the merger and ensured OoS provided a Change Management Plan. Award negotiations over the affected Venues NSW Award 2020 will continue with authorised representatives of the new Venues NSW.

Workload and workflow

The PSA is committed to ongoing discussions with OoS regarding the workflow and workload impacts of the new Homebase Central Reservation System on staff in centres. The OoS gave an undertaking that conversations are taking place between management and Centre Managers and affected staff to improve workflow and maintain high quality customer service

The PSA advocated, based on member feedback, that processes for managing a booking from the initial enquiry through to guests arriving at the centre are unclear and inconsistent. If clients are to continue to receive the high level of customer service, they are accustomed to the OoS has some work to do. The OoS committed to work with the PSA to develop process mapping, record concerns and clarify who is responsible for each aspect of the booking/customer service process.

Rostering principles and practices

The PSA raised concerns on behalf of members regarding the on-call arrangements and the different practices in centres across the state in applying the Award. It was agreed that we needed an understanding of the guidelines each centre is using and will require further discussion to ensure consistency and compliance with the various applicable Awards and fairness for members.

Staff access and use of centre equipment

The PSA asked for a copy of the guidelines for staff access to equipment and gym facilities. The OoS undertook to report back on this.

If you have any further feedback or concerns regarding any of the issues discussed at the JCC, do not hesitate to get in touch with the PSA.



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