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Australian Museum JCC Bulletin

Australian Museum JCC Bulletin

The Joint Consultative Committee Meeting (JCC) was held between the PSA and management on 25 June 2020. The following information comes from that meeting.

Attendees:Adria Castellucci (PSA staff representative; Librarian Technician) • Davis Murphy (PSA Organiser) • Nick Player (PSA Industrial Officer) • Maggie Chien (Head of People and Culture)

In attendance:Helen Grigorakis (minute taker)

Apologies: Tony Dibbenhall (Director, Corporate Services and CFO)

  • Front of House Rostering – Meetings are pending with HR and PSA about FOH rostering. Management advise that they want to make sure that anyone on front-line rostered shifts can be paid appropriately. They ensure there will be proper consultation with the PSA on any issues related to this matter.
  • Leave management – The PSA advised there should be sensible approach to issues relating to recreation leave. In light of COVID-19 there should be more leniency in terms of excess leave balances for staff. We are agreeable to discussion with staff relating to planning of leave in the future, and to support the taking of leave where desired, but do want to see staff being directed to take leave at this time.
  • COVID-19/Return to Work – In relation to the return to work from COVID-19 management advised that no one has to be onsite that doesn’t need to be; staff who do can exercise flexible working arrangements. Around 20% are back onsite, 80% are working from home and there is no intention to increase limit unless government relaxes the rules. Management are looking at whether there is benefit in relaxing core hours but at the moment they still apply. If people wish to discuss individual arrangement they can do so. They can seek advice from HR or from the PSA.
  • Castle Hill and Rydalmere are on list for audits/investigations to ensure they are safe in terms of return to work. The PSA advised that management should clarify the numbers of people working at these sites and prioritise these audits on that basis.
  • Noting this has been a difficult time it was recognised that people should be able to get support from their managers and the organisation. Management should recognise the impact of the pandemic on individuals and the amount of work they are able to deliver. The PSA seeks a supportive and understanding attitude from management particularly at this time. It is also recognised that whilst working from home should be encouraged, that it can be isolating and that positive engagement and contact should be encouraged by supervisors and teams.
  • Construction – We discussed the requirements relating to COVID-19 as it relates to the builders on the site. They should be the same as those expected of employees particularly as it relates to social distancing. Management will raise this with them.
  • We discussed other impacts of the work being conducted on the site, including noise and dust. Management have advised that that are no toxic materials but the PSA has sought copies of the relevant plans relating to dealing with hazardous materials.
  • Management reiterated that where construction work impacted on employees they could either work from home or, where that was not possible, exercise other flexible arrangements. The PSA strongly urges members to raise concerns with management or the PSA. Where there are concerns other arrangements can and should be made.
  • Security cameras – The PSA raised concerns about the positioning of security cameras at Rydalmere; in particular, that they were focussed unnecessarily at staffed areas. Management appeared to recognise that this was inappropriate and advised that would look into the matter.
  • Australian Museum intrusion – We discussed member’s concerns surrounding the May 2020 Australian Museum intrusion. The PSA raised members concerns about the security and safety of PSA members. The PSA also raised verbatim member’s collective concerns about the protection of the museums’ collection (please note: member’s identities were not mentioned). Management was receptive to the concerns of PSA members. The PSA requested that the internal and external investigations finding be released to the PSA for further consultation. Management was open to this request. The PSA will follow this up at the next Joint Consultative Committee.



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