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Australian Unity – Change of hours and workload

Australian Unity – Change of hours and workload – Sept 2017 (PDF version)

The CPSU NSW has been working with your delegates to gather information on workload issues across the state so we can raise these matters with Australian Unity (AU) on your behalf and work to resolve them.

The CPSU NSW met recently with Australian Unity.

At this meeting we discussed the following:

  1. Discussing with members the commencement of the enterprise bargaining process
  2. Scheduling Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) dates for the remainder of the year
  3. Inclusion of an allocations representative from the Customer Care Hub at the JCC
  4. That Australian Unity were looking at restructuring the Customer Care Hub.

The CPSU NSW requested the change management plan for the restructure and advised AU that we would seek the views of our members prior to starting enterprise bargaining.

AU claims of “consultation” not true

Since that time we have been contacted by delegates and members from across the state extremely concerned about sudden changes in the workplace.  Members already under severe pressure have been advised their hours of work will change, without consultation.  If questions have been asked about additional resources, members have been told they have to “lean in and step up”.

Issues raised with the CPSU NSW include:

  1. Mass redundancies in the Customer Care Hub
  2. No additional resources to deal with the 40% increase in care packages
  3. Changes to the span of hours from 7am – 7pm
  4. Implementing on-call arrangements with no consultation
  5. Inconsistently applied on-call payments and entitlements across branches.

It has been reported that Australian Unity are claiming we have been consulted on your behalf and that we were fine with the changes.

This is not true.  Australian Unity did not raise these changes with the CPSU NSW and no consultation has occurred. 

The appalling actions of Australian Unity are not only a breach of your award but are in direct conflict with a fair, equitable and safe workplace.  The increase in workload has led to a surge in sick leave with delegates reporting up to eight employees can be off sick in any week.

Where to now:  CPSU NSW takes action

On 26 September, your CPSU NSW delegates and industrial staff met to discuss the increasing workload issues being felt by members in all branches.  Since that time, we have heard from many members about the changes above.

We have sought an urgent meeting with Australian Unity and will be meeting again with your delegates next week.  We will keep members updated as matters progress.

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