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PSA meets with Corrective Services NSW: Bed Consolidation update

Following a meeting with the Acting CSNSW Commissioner, it has been agreed that Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) will provide the PSA the following information:

  • Current vacancies in all centres and court locations.
  • How many Officers in a centre over establishment will be carried.
  • Vacancies due to long-term absences, including workers’ compensation, maternity leave, temporary absences.
  • Casuals in the three regional centres and how they will be able to get shifts when there will be excess employees.
  • Project 800 staff and how they will be affected in the HR process.
  • How is HR deciding who can go where in any situation where there are multiple EOIs for the one location?

We also requested that management plans reflect the changes which have been approved and the time frame for implementation be extended. In previous correspondence with Assistant Commissioner Anne Marie Martin, it has been confirmed that non-custodial staff do not have to transfer unless a specialist program is permanently allocated to a different location which requires the role to be transferred.

The PSA will receive the above information on Tuesday 23 January 2024, and your union has two days to go through this information and give feedback to CSNSW. Local consultation will then take place in all five affected Centres on Monday 29 January and the final implementation process will occur on 26 February 2024. There will be PSA representation at all locations for the week of consultation.

In good faith we have agreed that staff can submit their EOI if they wish to temporarily move to another location.

The PSA highlighted the concern around Goulburn Correctional Centre and its ongoing viability. We will be requesting our Minister attend Goulburn Correctional Centre to assure staff that it is this Government’s intention to ensure the facility remains viable, with meaningful work for our members and for the community of Goulburn. The PSA will keep Goulburn staff updated with outcomes from our communication with the Minister and any possible rally that may occur to highlight the concerns of staff and the community.

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