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Update Holistic Risk Assessment

You will have received a POVB Bulletin earlier today regarding the POVB State Executive meeting with A/Commissioner Leon Taylor on Tuesday.

In our bulletin, we said:

We are aware of today’s CSNSW broadcast giving staff instructions to complete the Holistic Risk Assessment Training by 19 February 2024. It appears that the consultation process between CSNSW and the POVB has broken down and the intention of CSNSW is to roll out the Holistic Risk Assessment regardless. The POVB State Executive is giving notice to all POVB Members that we will take 48-hour state-wide industrial action from the commencement of the Day shift on Monday 19 February and will return on the commencement of the Day shift on Wednesday 21 February, unless this matter is resolved.

After learning about our bulletin, Deputy Commissioner Anne-Marie Martin contacted POVB Chairperson Jason Charlton to apologise for this morning’s CSNSW Broadcast instructing staff to complete the Holistic Risk Assessment Training by 19 February 2024. DC Martin said the broadcast reminder was sent to staff in error and it is CSNSW’s intention to put the Holistic Risk Assessment on hold as advised by A/Commissioner Taylor in Tuesday’s meeting. CSNSW will put a further Broadcast to all staff either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

The POVB State Executive will continue to consult with CSNSW on proposed changes relating to medical escorts. The POVB industrial action commencing 19 February is now suspended.

We will keep you updated as consultation progresses.

POVB State Executive

Jason Charlton Chair
0401  500 976

Keith Smith Vice Chair
0410 310 632

Savannah Walker Secretary
0413 651 529

Andrew Brown Assistant Secretary
0422 890 159

Darren King Country Vice Chair
0407 935 039

Trevor Clark Country Vice Chair
0447 282 778

Gareth Ballard Overseer Vice Chair
0422 883 400

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