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Combined Union Workplace Meeting

Combined Union Workplace Meeting – TfNSW – 15 June 2017 (PDF Version)

The award that covers your working conditions is currently being renegotiated. These negotiations are essential in ensuring your workplace conditions and wages are not eroded and that further conditions which can improve your working arrangements are won.

Increased pay

We’ll ensure you receive the maximum 2.5 per cent pay increase, both this financial year and in the long term.

Fairer workload

We will fight so all employees are subject to a fair workload. Including correcting any understaffing and ensuring that no employee should ever have to ‘throw away’ hours because they have no additional flex space left and need to complete their work.

Better job security

We’re taking a stand for secure employment and opposing the widespread use of labour hire and temporary contacts, whilst also championing better redundancy provisions, so employees are protected in safe and secure employment.

Opposing the endless restructures

Enough is enough! We will oppose the constant and unnecessary restructures which have plagued the entire transport cluster for a number of years now.

A combined union meeting will be held at your workplace to discuss these broad goals of ours and how we can win them. Both members and non-members are encouraged to attend so together we can work towards fairer and more equitable working conditions!

Date: Friday 16 June

Time: 11.00-12.00pm

Location: 237 Wharf Road, conference room, TfNSW.


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