Corrections Day must lead to improved workers comp for Prison Officers - Public Service Association

Corrections Day must lead to improved workers comp for Prison Officers

PSA media release:

The Public Service Association (PSA) welcomes the introduction of the inaugural Corrections Day on Friday 20 January 2017 and calls on the NSW Government to recognise Prison Officers as emergency services personnel for the purposes of workers compensation.

Police and other emergency personnel were exempt from the savage workers compensation reforms of the O’Farrell Government in 2012.

The union believes that Prison Officers should also have been granted exemptions from the cuts.

“Prison Officers go to work each day in the most dangerous environment in the country,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

“Prison Officers are the bobbies on the beat, firefighters, nurses, paramedics and much more. They are the 24 hour a day crisis resolvers.”

“It’s time the NSW Government properly recognised their role and provided the same workers compensation entitlements as other emergency services personnel.”

“There aren’t too many workplaces in the world where the riot squad is on stand by when a ban on smoking is introduced.”

“Overcrowding has exaserbated the situation, making a dangerous environment potentially lethal given when emotions do explode it’s Prison Officers who put their bodies on the line to deal with individuals who have nothing to lose.”

“Prison Officers stand between some of the state’s most notorious criminals and the community but are expected to do so without adequate workers compensation protection for them and their families.”

“That situation must change,” said Stewart Little.

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