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Crown Solicitor’s Office restructure: management response

Crown Solicitor’s Office restructure – management response – February 2019 (PDF version)

On Tuesday, 26 February, the PSA received the Crown Solicitor’s Office response to our submission regarding the proposed ‘Service Improvement Program’. A copy of their response is HERE.

The CSO continues to disagree with the PSA and the feedback we received from members that the proposed changes will not cause significant impact to the organisation. This undermines the value of the work performed by the current lodgement officer and receptionists who will lose their jobs if this restructure continues.

Feedback from members outlined how critical the work performed by the current staff is to the efficient operation of the organisation and management’s response does not accurately take into consideration how significant these changes will be to the daily operation of the CSO.

The PSA would like to thank all the members who provided feedback and will be providing members with updates throughout this restructure.

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