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Do people matter? PSA takes action on Built and Natural Environment directorate changes

The PSA has been advised by members that unexplained changes are occurring within the Built and Natural Environment directorate.

Neither staff nor the union have not been consulted on these changes which include a relocation of a position and downgrading of other positions. There has been no formal explanation of changes and the Rural Fire Service (RFS) has not followed the Agency Change Management Guidelines. Again, RFS management are demonstrating, as they have for the past eight years of People Matters Surveys, that really people don’t matter.

 PSA to meet with RFS management

Your union and Delegates have taken immediate action in relation to these changes and will be meeting with RFS management next week.

The lack of consultation demonstrates the ongoing disregard for the union, and the members we represent, in relation to workforce restructuring within the organisation. It is unacceptable that management continues to implement changes without meaningful engagement with affected staff.

The current approach or briefing staff on changes already underway fails to address staff concerns adequately and merely serves as a façade for decisions already made by management.

HQ and Area Management Realignment review

Considering the imminent release of the HQ and Area Management Realignment review results, it is imperative that management halt all further actions related to the ongoing restructuring. The PSA insists that proper consultation must occur before any irreversible decisions are made.

The PSA will be seeking an immediate cessation of restructuring activities until the outcomes of the review are made public. This pause will allow for a thorough comparison of proposed changes with the recommendations of the review. We expect management to prioritise the welfare and rights of employees by engaging in genuine consultation and ensuring transparency throughout the restructuring process.

Following the meeting with management the PSA will consider what further action to protect the interests of our members may be required.

We will keep members informed as discussions progress.

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