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We need your feedback – PSA Survey for Rural Fire Service Dispute

As the PSA advised on 9 August 2023 (see link to previous bulletin), the PSA has determined to prosecute the NSW Rural Fire Service in the Supreme Court for multiple breaches of your award conditions. The focus of the proceedings is, primarily, on two matters, firstly the failure to pay overtime to day workers and secondly the failure to allow day workers and shift workers to take leave in lieu of overtime. Leave in lieu of overtime is leave that accrues at the same rate as the penalty rate payment for overtime (e.g. time and half, double time), accordingly it is a superior condition compared to LA time.

The PSA understands that shift workers in the OCC are paid overtime in respect of additional shifts worked but are no longer allowed to take leave in lieu of overtime. In order for the PSA to obtain a judgment from the Supreme Court requiring the RFS to allow shift workers to choose between overtime and leave in lieu, and to obtain a fine for the RFS’s breach of your entitlements, it is necessary that the PSA identify a relevant witness from the OCC.

For this purpose, we ask that all members in the OCC complete the following survey.  It will take less than 2 minutes of your time.


Please share with your colleagues

So that we can get as many responses as possible please share the survey with your colleagues by forwarding on this bulletin.

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