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Finance, Services & Innovation – Gosford Relocations

Finance, Services & Innovation – Gosford Relocations – 15 April 2016

On 6 April 2016 DFSI Executive announced the planned relocation of more than 300 roles to the Central Coast by December 2018. The Department is yet to confirm the exact timing.

The PSA and DFSI staff were not consulted prior to the announcement.

The PSA will now seek member feedback on the relocations. We urge members to approach their delegates and communicate your considered thoughts on matters you would like the PSA to pursue with DFSI management.

The PSA will be asking for detailed information on what the definition of “eligible” is in relation to the one-off payment of $15,000 offered to staff relocated to the Central Coast. We will also be pushing for a guarantee that members’ positions which are moved will continue in Gosford for a minimum period.

DFSI has indicated it is committed to exploring sector-wide job swaps. The PSA wants detail on this commitment. The last time an agency was moved to the area, that agency’s focus was on placing  Gosford-based workers from other departments into the agency being moved. It did not focus on accommodating those who did not want to leave their existing location.

The PSA will organise a members’ meeting for each relevant agency in DFSI in the coming weeks.

Be assured the PSA is determined to protect the interests of members who are impacted by this decision; a decision which appears to have been made without any business case.


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