Legal Aid fail at consultation – Peak Consultative Committee meeting cancelled

Legal Aid fail at consultation – Peak Consultative Committee meeting cancelled – November 2018

This week Legal Aid cancelled the Peak Consultative Committee meeting, the main mechanism for consultation between the PSA and Legal Aid. This means Legal Aid has cancelled three consecutive PCC meetings. It is clear that Legal Aid has neither the capacity or willingness to properly consult with members. This is a reflection of the very poor People Matter Employee Survey results cross Legal Aid. In light of the volume of change announced by the CEO, the attitude of Legal Aid toward its employees is acutely unsatisfactory.

Consultation Framework

Under the NSW Government’s Consultative Policy and Guidelines, all major changes within Legal Aid are the subject of consultation with the PSA. A copy of the Policy and Guidelines can be found here . A key principle of the consultative arrangements is that “the union is recognised as the legitimate representative of employees and the channel for negotiation” (see page 9). Any change process absent PSA involvement is against Government’s guidelines. The Memorandum of Understanding between the PSA and Legal Aid about consultative arrangements can be found here.

In relation to re-scheduling the PCC meeting, the PSA has asked Legal Aid again to meet. Legal Aid is yet to respond.

By joining the PSA you will help ensure you and your colleagues are properly consulted and working conditions are not eroded by a management which appears highly reluctant to hear the views of its employees.

What can you do?

  • Ask a work colleague join the PSA today
  • Make the union strong by forwarding this bulletin to your colleagues
  • Attend PSA meetings at your worksite
  • Get involved become a PSA Delegate

Your PSA Delegates:

Head Office
Justin Hutchinson
Ann Miller

Elenor Canning
Dane Bracewell

Eileen Peck

Christopher Murnane

Your PSA staff

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer

Glenn Duncan – Organiser


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