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Legal Aid – Update on dispute in Grants Division

Legal Aid – Update on dispute in Grants Division – November 2018 (PDF version)

As members are aware, following last week’s IRC recommendation that the parties meet, the PSA will meet with the Grants Director and HR this week.

Members have received very little information about the actual open plan office arrangements. As such we have requested all relevant documentation.

Legal Aid have refused.

The lack of transparency and unwillingness to provide information mirrors the larger problems in Grants.

The Polaris report found that the lack of leadership and accountability on the part of senior management was the root cause of the dysfunction in the Division. At page 5 the Polaris report states,

There seems to have been enough poor behaviour (bullying, discrimination, anti-social behaviour, disrespectful behaviours, exclusionary behaviour) by individuals that went on long enough unchecked (a seeming failure in responsibility and in process) that the culture itself seems generally though not universally negative, uncollaborative, defensive and mistrustful.

It is clear that Legal Aid management have not been able to turn around this atrocious state of affairs. This has been confirmed in the latest People Matter Survey. The current attitude of management in refusing to provide further information for the purpose of consultation only adds to this situation.

A members’ meeting will be arranged shortly at head office.

Members can contact PSA delegate Justin Hutchinson, or PSA staff to provide further information or ask questions.

Your PSA staff

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer

Kirra Jackson – Organiser

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