Machinery of Government Consultation with PSA - Public Service Association

Machinery of Government Consultation with PSA

Machinery of Government Consultation with PSA – May 2019 (PDF version)

PSA Industrial Staff and Delegates met with management on 16 May to discuss the Machinery of Government and how changes will affect your working life and environment. This was the first in a series of ongoing meetings that will be held fortnightly as the Departments come together to form new Clusters.

We will report back to members regularly as the meetings take place, both by bulletin and on Yammer.

The following matters were discussed:

  • DFSI Flexible Working Hours Agreement will be rebadged as the Customer Service Flexible Working Hours Agreement. Current flex balances will be carried over, although it may have to be done manually for certain areas. It was agreed by all parties that no-one should lose flex.
  • Staff transferring from Justice Department (such as Births, Deaths and Marriages) will remain on their previous payroll and flex systems for now. It is estimated that the systems coming across from Justice will take about 12 months to migrate in.
  • In the majority of instances, DFSI’s policies will be rebadged as Customer Service policies (Code of Conduct, Flexible Working, Positive and Productive Workplace, WH&S). As they have already gone through extensive consultation, it is not planned to go through full consultation again. Any new policies (such as a new Study Leave policy) will go through full consultation.
  • Data Analytics is being put on the payroll from 1 July and will move to the @finance email address. As GovConnect covers this area already, there should be no impact on areas such as payroll and leave records.
  • Ex-Premier and Cabinet managers will have a briefing session and induction for the 50 staff moving across plus training in the Expense 8 system. A 100-day plan is being developed.
  • IPART is confirmed as coming in to the Cluster but we do not know yet what systems are coming over as yet.
  • Parramatta staff would still be the first tenants into 4 Parramatta Square. We should know by the end of June who exactly is proposed to be moving where
  • Communications will go out shortly to staff, particularly those most affected, so keep an eye out for those. If you don’t hear anything, let your delegates know and we will raise at the next MOG meeting.
  • With relation to restructures, we were told that there will be none taking immediate effect before July. There may well be consultation as a result of information gathering that will take place between now and then, but there is not enough time for them to be further along than consultation.
  • There has already been a 10 per cent reduction across the board in Senior Executives

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 29 May 2019. A bulletin will be sent out after that meeting. If you would like to raise anything specific, please email PSA Industrial Officer Phoebe Dangerfield (

In the meantime, the strength and effectiveness of the union depends on you and your colleagues standing together. Join more than 36,000 NSW public sector workers and keep your voice strong.

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