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NSW Police Force Changes to meal/crib breaks

NSW Police Force changes to meal and crib breaks – March 2017 (PDF version)

Police Radio – Member feedback requested on changes to meal/crib breaks

As members will be aware, management has indicated its intention to reduce meal/crib breaks from the current 60mins/30mins to a proposed 50mins/20mins. This is despite more than 20 years of custom and practice at the current rate.

The PSA will be meeting with management to discuss the issue this week and would like to hear member feedback.

Please send through any thoughts you have to:

Andrew Wright – Industrial Officer

CC: Roland Harris – Organiser

We will also be in attendance at Sydney Police Centre as follows:

Wednesday 15 March
Lunch Room

We encourage all Police Radio staff to submit feedback on the matter and to raise any concerns or questions they have as the PSA fights to protect their conditions.

Talk to your colleagues about getting involved – strong membership means a strong union!

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