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NSW Police – Re-Engineering Update

NSW Police – Re-Engineering update – Sept 2017 (PDF Version)

The PSA met with Assistant Commissioner Clifford, the Chair of the Re-Engineering Taskforce, on 31 August 2017.

The PSA sought and was assured of:

  • meaningful consultation in relation to any proposed re-engineering changes and change management processes
  • provision of relevant information such as organisational charts and a change management plan
  • a commitment to work collaboratively with the PSA in the interests of our members
  • the provision of a timeline of meetings with unsworn staff in the workplace and an invitation to attend relevant re-engineering meetings in the workplace
  • a commitment to genuinely consider any issues raised by the PSA and our members during the process.

NSW Police Employee Relations has also committed to meet fortnightly with the PSA as part of the consultation about change management processes.

NSW Police has advised the PSA that at this stage no decisions have been made about structural changes and that meetings being held in regional NSW are part of the consultation process. The Police Minister was quoted saying no decisions have been made.

Members will be aware the Police Association has signed an MOU with NSW Police about re-engineering. This MOU is the equivalent of the change management plan for PSA members, something the PSA has requested since discussions began.

The PSA has also met with NSW Police individual commands such as State Intelligence Command, State Crime Command and the Forensic Technical Support Command. These commands have committed to ongoing consultation with the PSA. The PSA has also met with Deputy Commissioner Burn and discussed how re-engineering consultation will operate in the areas under her command.

There are also rumours the PSA has been invited to meetings and not turned up. This is incorrect. The PSA has attended every meeting it has been invited to and asked for meetings many weeks before the Police agreed to have the first meeting at the end of July.

The PSA will ensure the commitment to consultation made by senior Police management is followed at all levels of management.


Look out for meeting notices and bulletins and advise the PSA of any developments and matters of concern.

Please remember that the PSA can only represent its members.

Call the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Or email: with ‘Police Re-Engineering’ as the subject.

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