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Offender Services & Programs Members Meeting: Next Steps

Thankyou to all who were able to attend the Members meeting on Wednesday 8 March 2023.

Following on from this meeting, we request any questions, concerns or suggestions be sent to us so that they can be raised with the Department as part of the ongoing consultation process.

Please forward your comments to the Non-Custodial Departmental Committee Delegates and could you please confirm your contact details (Name, Position, location & contact number). This will assist us in compiling your feedback into sub-groups such as SAPOs/SAPTLS/MOSPS/ or assist us if we need to seek clarification. (N.B. Member details will NOT be shared with the Department under any circumstances)

Your PSA Industrial Staff:

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer

Chris Auld – Organiser

Your PSA Representatives: 

David Gould (Chairperson NCDC)

Stewart Burkitt (Secretary NCDC)

Linda Codling
(OS&P Metro)

Susan Pasmik
(OS&P Metro)

Maggie Bolger
(OS&P North Coast, South West, South East)

We have a vacancy on the NCDC for OS&P Central West, Hunter, North West. If you are interested in nominating, please forward your interest to

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