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Corrective Services NSW Bed Consolidation

Members would have received a special broadcast at 6.30am this morning, from Acting Commissioner Anne-Marie Martin, detailing Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) intention to consolidate beds which will mean closures of the following areas:

  • Cessnock Correctional Centre (4 Wing)
  • Bathurst Correctional Centre (Area 1)
  • Goulburn Correctional Centre (Area 3 and 4)
  • Long Bay Hospital (Area 2)
  • Metropolitan Programs Centre – MSPC (Area 1)

The PSA has been concerned about the reduction of inmate numbers and raised on numerous occasions with CSNSW if they had intentions to close centres or parts of centres and has always been told we will be consulted if or when that happens.

The PSA received notification of the temporary closures today in writing. We are appalled at the lack of consultation and the General Secretary has spoken to the Acting Commissioner about our concerns.

We have officially written to CSNSW tabling the following:

  • CSNSW did not meet with relevant stakeholders of PSA yesterday prior to the announcement with a changed management plan. This was previously how restructures and closures have been managed.
  • CSNSW did not give the PSA the opportunity to meet with members today, at the affected centres, to address their concerns. This was previously how restructures and closures have been managed.
  • The PSA has not received any change management plan for the affected centres. With a reduction of inmates will that mean custodial job losses under the PBCAP principles?
  • The 8 non-custodial staff that need to relocate to another centre, will that be permanent or temporary placements. Human Resources should be on complex, today, to meet, with PSA representatives present, to inform them of their options. To leave these staff members with no information shows a total lack of consideration to their welfare.
  • Staffing of Emu Plains Correctional Centre and Jacaranda House. Will staff, that had to relocate when it closed, be afforded the opportunity to return to those locations under the new profile?

The PSA is asking for an immediate meeting with CSNSW to get further information for our members.  CSNSW has informed PSA that no meeting will take place locally until we have met however, we are being told that there may have been local meetings already in some locations. If that is the case, can you ensure that the meeting has minutes and all issues and concerns that are tabled are sent to the PSA to compile. We will be informing CSNSW that any future meetings regarding the consolidation in centres must have PSA representation or a delegate from your executive present to ensure the changed management process is occurring correctly.

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