Representatives of the PSA today held a telephone conference with AC HR Leanne McCuscker and staff from Workforce Relations.

The PSA requested information regarding Police management’s response to the following issues:

  • Reducing public contact and ensuring safety when public contact required
  • Use of phone and AV for meetings
  • Cleaning of offices and equipment
  • Protective equipment (masks etc)
  • Supply of sanitary items (sanitizer, wipes and tissues)
  • Working from home
  • Staffing responses when high number of staff are sick or in precautionary isolation
  • Dealing with staff who have cold and flu symptoms
  • Working alongside contractors who do not have sick leave because casual

AC McCusker assured the Union that Police management has structures to deal with the crisis, including the setting up of a Police Operations Centre on a standing basis. Management is monitoring staff absences and P902 submissions and is well-positioned to react to emerging staff shortages. All Commands have been required to plan for contingencies by updating their Business Continuity Plans. Commands are required to identify essential and non-essential services to allow rapid response to developments.

Properties Branch is implementing enhanced cleaning in “common touch” areas, such as VKG.

As far as management is aware, there is no current shortage of sanitary items. Supplies of sanitary items and protective equipment will be coordinated through the POC to best ensure continued supply.

Corporate Services is ensuring strong communication by sending our regular information updates to commanders and staff.

DTI is working on hardware and software solutions to enable working from home. Data security issues and limitations on the availability of laptops, as well as the need to maintain service delivery to the public are limitations on the ability to work from home.

Most contractors work in the IT area and it is expected WFH arrangements will be easier to implement as connected lap-tops are already in use. Contractors are being required to comply with social distancing policies.

Police has agreed to hold weekly meetings between the PSA and representatives of Corporate HR to brief the PSA and discuss concerns raised by members.

Members with concerns regarding safety, rosters, working from home, or any other issues are encouraged to contact their delegates or the PSA Member Support Centre.

Please encourage colleagues who are not yet members of the PSA to join now. In times of crisis, it is more important than ever for public sector workers to be union members.

PSA Member Support Centre 1300 772 679.

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