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PSA win: Jim Killen vs SafeWork and the Rural Fire Service

On 18 March 2022, the PSA won its case against the RFS before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) in Killen v SafeWork NSW and NSW Rural Fire Service (No 3) [2022] NSWIRComm 1017.

The IRC has found that the Rural Fire Service (RFS) processes, including policies for managing bullying complaints, are deficient and expose RFS employees to psychosocial hazards. The IRC has directed the RFS, which strongly opposed the PSA throughout this case, to develop processes to resolve allegations of bullying in a timely fashion and to evaluate whether it is appropriate to amend reporting lines where a complainant has made an allegation against their manager.

The RFS must do this by 18 May 2022.

This win has come after three years of the PSA, Delegate Chair Jim Killen and witnesses Lyndon Wieland, Ken Neville and Steve Holden, fighting for a safer work environment for all members in the RFS. This decision is a key example of the importance of union membership and the work the PSA does to protect the health and safety of its members. It also comes three months after the IRC’s recent decision that the RFS has failed to pay RFS employees their entitled camping allowance.

Please make sure your colleagues join the PSA so we can continue to fight for better pay, better conditions and safer jobs.

Your NSW RFS Delegates

Jim Killen
Ivan Perkins
Kam Baker
Bradley Stewart
Jillian Butler
Benjamin Plummer
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