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Sheriff’s Officers – Tattoo Direction

Sheriff’s Officers – Tattoo Direction – June 2018 (PDF version)

Don’t Forget! Send us your thoughts now!

This is just a reminder to send in your thoughts of the Tattoo Direction. Let us know How it affects you, and that way we can best represent you.

This must be done by Monday 2nd of July 2018 to with the subject Comments on Tattoo Direction. Feel free to include all of your thoughts on this issue, which we will include into our submission on the policy.

If you’re interested this direction is based on the dress manual and is as follows:

3.22 Tattoos

Currently serving Sheriff’s Officers are permitted to obtain tattoos so long as they are not visible whilst the staff member is on duty. Existing tattoos are to be covered by any suitable method such as wearing a flesh coloured tube bandage, a long sleeve shirt, buttoning the shirt collar or utilising concealing make-up. Tattoos on hands where possible should be covered by wearing gloves. Tattoos with sexually explicit or other offensive pictures or wording that could be deemed inappropriate or gang-related are not permitted, as they are not consistent with the organisation’s values. For religious or cultural reasons, some staff members may be required to obtain tattoos on the neck, face, ears or scalp areas. If so, staff members must formally nominate and identify with the relevant culture/religion in writing to the Regional Manager; and detail the culture’s requirements with regard to tattoos. An application is to be submitted, in writing, to the Regional Manager, and forwarded to the Sheriff for consideration. The application must include all of the specific design details/wording of the tattoo and must be submitted and approved before the tattoo is obtained. Dress Manual – Office of the Sheriff of NSW Version 1.0 – November 2017

Further updates

Your union will continue to update members on matters affecting Sheriff’s Officers by visiting workplaces.

If you would like to arrange a meeting at your workplace please email Kirra Jackson .

As always the PSA welcomes member’s feedback. Should you have any questions or comments please contact your delegate firstly and if required the PSA.

Your PSA/SOVBAG Delegates are:

Eddie Lia – Campbelltown Court

Daniel De La Paz – Penrith Court

Stephen Hancock – Burwood Court

Tony Morawsky – Mt Druitt

Andrew Pierce – Parramatta

Glen Elliot-Rudder – Wagga Wagga

Jason Woollett – Liverpool Court

Your PSA staff:

Andrew Boulton – PSA Industrial Officer

Kirra Jackson – PSA Organiser

What can you do?

  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues.
  • Print this bulletin and put it up on your notice board.
  • Ask a colleague to join the PSA.
  • Get involved as your Area Contact

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