Update - Takata Airbags recall – Information for Driver Testers - Public Service Association

Update – Takata Airbags recall – Information for Driver Testers

Update - Takata Airbag recall - Information for Driver Testers

Further to our last bulletin, the PSA has received confirmation from Service NSW that following the new warning issued by the ACCC on the 4th October, Service NSW has taken steps to update the process for ensuring tests are not undertaken in cars that are subject to a “critical” recall.

While previously the vehicles listed as critical was limited to certain models between 2000-2004, further vehicles have been added, and may be added in the future, to models outside this date range.

As a result Service NSW has confirmed that they have updated their procedures so that all vehicles should be checked via the website https://ismyairbagsafe.com.au/  and if a vehicle is listed as a “critical” recall the test should not go ahead.

The PSA is satisfied that Service NSW have adequately addressed the risk by updating their procedures.

If Driver Testers have further enquiries, they can be raised with the Manager of Driver Tester Operations.

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