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Towards 2030 Reforms – Where is consultation with CSNSW and the PSA at?

The PSA will meet again with CSNSW on 27th April 2023 regarding the proposed Service Delivery Model for consultation pursuant to the Towards 2030 Reforms. Representatives from the Corrective Services branches of the PSA be attending, and the PSA expects a Change Management Plan to be presented at this meeting.

Meaningful consultation regarding the restructure has been frustratingly slow, with the PSA having to regularly prompt CSNSW for information. Further, many of the questions we have asked CSNSW about the details of the restructure remained unanswered.

Features of the Towards 2030 Reform that are of particularly concern to us now are:

  • the move for some OS&P positions to work in the community corrections offices.
  • the develop of an 11/12 clerk role to manage OS&P staff in correctional centres.
  • the participation of NCDC delegates in the restructure’s workshops and in working groups.

The PSA stresses that consultation regarding this restructure is still ongoing.  The PSA will be presenting and advocating for the issues and concerns that members have, and examining the Change Management Plan to ensure that all relevant information is provided, and all concerns are addressed and responded to throughout the consultation period.  Members will be provided an update following the meeting of the 27 April 2023. Any questions or feedback from members can be addressed via the PSA delegate structure, or additionally by contacting the PSA Member Support Centre.

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