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Bulletin – POVB – MRRC

Bulletin – POVB – January (pdf version)

Today the MRRC went on a 24 hour strike due to staff being disciplined and an officer being suspended.

We were before the Industrial Relations Commission Chief Commissioner Kite.

Chief Commissioner Kite has strongly recommended that MRRC staff resume work at the earliest opportunity.

Chief Commissioner Kite will then assist in discussions with CSNSW re MRRC issues and the statewide issues re disciplinaries and suspensions.

This bulletin will go to all POVB members. CSNSW will get the Operational Scheduling Unit to contact C, B and A 6am staff and advise them of the above. The bulletin will also be placed on the PSA website.

PSA representatives will be present at MRRC on 31 January 2019 at 8am to assist staff in returning to work and to provide members with updated information.

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