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2024 National Corrections Day

Every year National Corrections Day recognises the extraordinary and tough work Correctional Officers do in our prisons.

Our members are employed in some of the most dangerous work environments in the state, all to protect the community and give offenders a chance at rehabilitation.

National Corrections Day is a great chance to acknowledge the hard-working men and women who play a vital role in protecting the people of NSW. In many cases, the prisons they work in are the lifeblood of regional communities.

We should be proud to celebrate the work we do as Prison Officers.

Every member should be congratulated and rightly proud of the work they have done in the face of challenging environments.

The Prison Officers Vocational Branch hands out three awards on National Corrections Day to honor and raise awareness of the dedication and efforts of Prison Officers throughout the year.

POVB Life Member

Life Membership is in recognition of the hard work and dedication a person has shown to the POVB throughout their career. Nominations for the award are called for in October every year from the POVB membership. At the November Delegates to Management meeting, the Delegates vote on the nominated members.

This year the award goes to Brian McCann. Brian began his career in 1983 at Long Bay, moving to John Morony Correctional Centre in 1997, where he became a Delegate immediately.

He was State Secretary from 2000. and had term as Chair of the POVB in 2004. Brian was also a member of the Government and Related Employees’ Appeals Tribunal from 2004.

“I had great pleasure in presenting the Life Membership of the POVB to Brian,” said PSA Industrial Officer David McCauley. “He has been a steadfast unionist throughout his career. Always putting the POVB members first. An absolute asset and a deserving recipient.”

POVB Delegate of the Year Award

The Delegate of the Year is an award for a member that the POVB Executive determine has represented their subbranch with dedication, commitment and passion.

This year it goes to Ozzie Zerdo, Senior Correctional Officer at Shortland. Since being elected as the POVB Chairperson at Shortland Correctional Centre Ozzie has helped build a strong union sub-branch.

Ozzie has always been a Delegate who speaks up for his sub-branch, and very willing to assist other POVB Delegates around the State when needed. He has fought hard for the rights of individual members and resolved many issues raised to him at a local level.

He gives great support and advice to the POVB State Executive and has a passion for unionism and unity.

When presented the award in front of staff at Shortland, Ozzie expressed his desire to help make his workplace safe and improve working conditions for all staff. He also said he feels this award should be shared with Vice Chair Jamie Hopley, because what the POVB achieve at Shortland is a combined effort with Jamie and Delegates.

POVB Outstanding Achievement Award

This award is awarded to a member who achieves exemplary outcomes for either their workplace or the community.

This year it has been awarded to Gary Peterson, who is a Senior Correctional Officer at Macquarie. In addition to his work in the correctional system, Gary has done extensive work in the community. Gary has been in the Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) Honour Guard since he joined and has volunteered as the Unit Commander for the Wellington State Emergency Service for the past three Years.

He also represented CSNSW at the Police Games in Wollongong recently. Most importantly Gary is the Vice Chair of the Macquarie POVB Union Sub branch and has helped countless staff at my Centre.


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