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Corrective Services benchmarking bulletin

Corrective Services benchmarking bulletin – December 2017 (PDF version)

The benchmarking dispute was back in the Industrial Relations Commission on 30 November 2017 before Commissioner Newall. The PSA was represented by its solicitor and there were representatives from the NCDC, POVB, COVB and SEAG present. There were extensive negotiations facilitated by Commissioner Newall.

Between the last hearing on 17 November and 30 November 2017, there were several meetings between PSA staff, delegates and Corrective Services. There was some agreement and some issues remained unresolved.

Corrective Services has agreed that initially only Assistant Superintendents (AS) will be able to apply for vacant Senior Assistant Superintendent (SAS) positions once all current SAS have been appointed. Corrective Services had previously argued that it should be open to anyone to apply for these positions which clearly disadvantaged AS members who were having their positions abolished. The PSA also argues POVB members should not be disadvantaged by having any vacancies open for anyone to apply.

The Commissioner acknowledged the PSA’s joint branches’ position that each centre should be ring-fenced with only employees at that centre able to apply for vacancies at that centre. This is based on previously benchmarked centres being treated this way. However, Corrective Services attempted to change the procedure more than halfway through. Despite our arguments, Commissioner Newall recommended* these centres should be ring-fenced:

  • Grafton and Glen Innes
  • Emu Plains and Dillwynia
  • The Long Bay complex as a whole
  • Tamworth and St Heliers.

Corrective Services is proceeding based on the Commission’s recommendation and the branches will closely monitor its actions.

Commissioner Newall did not recommend the OMMPCC should be ring-fenced with any other centre.

Commissioner Newall required that expressions of interest for voluntary redundancies at the Long Bay complex should be re-opened given his recommendation about the ring-fencing of the complex. Corrective Services agreed to this and the EOI will be open from Monday, 4 December until Monday, 11 December 2017. Members who express interest in a VR are not obligated to accept a VR if one is offered.

Corrective Services advised that those SAS and AS who applied for benchmarked positions at Silverwater were successful.

The following matters have not yet been resolved or been subject to a recommendation from Commissioner Newall:

  • OSP issues including supervision and specialist programs
  • Cyclic rostering
  • COPP
  • Weekend staffing and responsibilities
  • Re-evaluation of the Senior Correctional Officer position
  • Case management allowance
  • Grandfathering of ‘L’ shift allowances at Berrima, Kirkconnell and Glen Innes. The Commissioner has asked for specific information about this shift allowance and delegates will contact members to discuss.

The dispute has been listed for a report back on Tuesday, 19 December 2017 and members will be updated soon after.

If you have any questions please feed them back through your respective delegates.

*A previous bulletin incorrectly said these were directions.

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