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Corrective Services NSW: Towards 2030 restructure update

Mental Health Pathways

The PSA was advised by members that a meeting between management and SAPOs occurred at Long Bay Tuesday 24 January 2023, regarding the Mental Health Pathways program. At this meeting, management advised that SAPOs will need to elect whether they wish to become part of the program or remain in their current stream by close of business 27 January 2023.

A structure for the area has already been devised and was presented as a fait accompli by management at the meeting. Members were not consulted on the structure in breach of their entitlements under the Award. Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) was also in breach of its obligations to consult with the PSA over the new structure.

Consequently, the PSA advised CSNSW that the PSA and CSNSW were in dispute and initiated dispute proceedings under clause 9.  Grievance and Dispute Settling Procedures in the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009.

The PSA met with CSNSW on 2 February 2023 regarding the issue. CSNSW confirmed that the actions set out by local management were now revised and consultation would occur regarding roles in the mental health pathways program as part of the larger consultation process in the current restructure. The PSA will continue to ensure consultation rights are upheld so that members are afforded their rights.

A meeting will be held for members affected by the mental health pathways changes as soon as possible.

Meeting with CSNSW on 2 February 2023

The PSA met with CSNSW as part of the ongoing consultation process for the Towards 2030 restructure.

In summary, CSNSW confirmed that consultation had concluded regarding the directorate level. However, the substructures under the directorate level were up for consultation in the coming weeks.

At the meeting, the Commissioner provided an update and advised that there had been some really meaningful consultation since the restructure was announced.

CSNSW then went through the “Summary of Consultation Feedback and Outcomes” document and highlighted the following:

  • Assessment and Planning Officers would remain reporting to the Education Support Co-ordinators rather than move to the Case Management Units in correctional centres
  • Work is still being done in relation to the operating model for SAPOs, SAPTLs and Psychologists (all grades) to provide community-based services and programs. In the interim, staff will continue to report to their current manager
  • The Community Corrections Performance and Planning team and the OMP Business Support team (excluding admin support staff) will move to Quality Assurance rather than Corrections Research, Evaluation and Statistics
  • Work is continuing on best alignment of OMP Business Support Admin Staff across the Strategy and Governance Sub-division.

The PSA asked about the review of OMP Business Support team. CSNSW reassured the PSA that staff and the PSA would be consulted on proposed role alignments and placement processes.

The PSA asked about the questions sent through on behalf of members about the restructure last year. CSNSW advised that these questions were dealt with through the working groups and further questions could be put to CSNSW if there was uncertainty. If you have unanswered questions or concerns, please contact your delegates, or the PSA Member Support Centre quoting call number 193756.

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